C INCLUDE 'calcomp.inc' C ------------------------------------------------------------------ INTEGER MOPEN,MCOUNT PARAMETER (MOPEN=9) PARAMETER (MCOUNT=1024) INTEGER IUSER,IOPEN(MOPEN),NOPEN,KOLREP,KOLOR,ICOUNT REAL PX(MCOUNT),PY(MCOUNT),STARTX,STARTY,OLDX,OLDY COMMON/PLOTC/ IUSER,IOPEN,NOPEN,KOLREP,KOLOR,ICOUNT, * PX,PY,STARTX,STARTY,OLDX,OLDY SAVE /PLOTC/ C ------------------------------------------------------------------ C IUSER...Identifier of the interactive workstation. C IOPEN...Array containing the identifiers of the open workstations. C NOPEN...Number of the open workstations. C KOLREP..for KOLREP.GT.1, colours 2 to KOLREP are periodically C repeated. C ICOUNT..Number of stored polyline vertices. C PX,PY...Arrays to store the coordinates of polyline vertices. C STARTX,STARTY... Origin of CalComp coordinates in world C coordinates. C OLDX,OLDY... Point referred during the previous invocation of a C CalComp subroutine, in CalComp coordinates. C C Common block /PLOTC/ is included in FORTRAN 77 source code file C 'calcomp.for'. C C Date: 1996, July 8 C Coded by Ludek Klimes C C======================================================================= C