C Common block /RAMC/ is designed to be included in all programs C demanding huge amounts of memory, e.g., in programs dealing with C dense rectangular grids of points. Assuming no other considerable C memory requirements of the respective programs, this include file C enables to approximately adjust the memory requirements of all C programs for a particular computer at one go. C C INCLUDE 'ram.inc' C ------------------------------------------------------------------ INTEGER MRAM PARAMETER (MRAM=4000000) REAL RAM(MRAM) COMMON/RAMC/ RAM SAVE /RAMC/ C ------------------------------------------------------------------ C C For example, MRAM=4000000 requires 15.259 MB of memory, which may C be suitable for 16 MB computer if the rest of program together C with the operating system does not require more than 759 kB. C C Date: 1997, May 9 C Coded by Ludek Klimes C C======================================================================= C