Serial "Seismic Waves in Complex 3-D Structures" (ISSN 2336-3827)

Report 1 (September 30, 1994)
Report 2 (V. Cerveny: Seismic Ray Theory, September 30, 1994)
Report 3 (May 15, 1995)
Report 4 (September 30, 1996)
Report 5 (V. Cerveny: Seismic Ray Theory, May 1997)
Report 6 (September 1997)
Report 7 (November 1998)
Report 8 (June 1999)
Report 9 (V. Cerveny: Seismic Ray Theory, June 1999)
Report 10 (May 2000)
Report 11 (June 2001)
Report 12 (May 2002)
Report 13 (May 2003)
Report 14 (June 2004)
Report 15 (June 2005)
Report 16 (June 2006)
Report 17 (June 2007)
Report 18 (June 2008)
Report 19 (June 2009)
Report 20 (June 2010)
Report 21 (May 2011)
Report 22 (June 2012)
Report 23 (June 2013)
Volume 24 (June 2014)
Volume 25 (June 2015)
Volume 26 (June 2016)
Volume 27 (June 2017)
Volume 28 (December 2018)
Volume 29 (December 2019)
Volume 30 (December 2020)
Volume 31 (April 2022)

Yearly printed journal on wave propagation.
Reprints are available online at

Vlastislav Cerveny
Ludek Klimes
Ivan Psencik

Manuscripts related to wave propagation and written in English are considered for publication. Manuscripts in PDF can be sent to any above mentioned editor. Submitted manuscripts are reviewed by one or more editors, and sent to external reviewers if necessary. The authors are responsible for the conversion of accepted manuscripts into TeX.

The whole volumes (reports) of serial "Seismic Waves in Complex 3-D Structures" are distributed only to the consortium members, but individual papers may be sent to anybody interested in a particular topic.

PostScript versions of the whole volumes do not exist, but most of the individual papers of the volumes are already available in PostScript or PDF. Refer to the above contents of the volumes, where the papers available in PostScript (or PDF) are denoted by PS (or PDF). Similarly, the papers with complete text available in HTML are denoted by HTML. The papers, which have new versions available in PostScript, are denoted by (PS). The papers available in GIF 150dpi (or 120dpi) for screen preview are denoted by GIF150 (or GIF120). The scanned reprints available in PDF 300dpi for printing are denoted by PDF300.

We are going to further extend the number of papers available electronically.

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